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By Mark Millar & Steve McNiven

This comic proves further that Mark Millar (The Ultimates, Wanted) is just a prankster. His aim is clear: to shock, and than laugh all the way to the bank. Sometimes, his pranks worked. Not on this comic. By making Bruce Banner evil, and his alter-ego, The Hulk, is a psychopathic monster, Millar wipes out the tragedy element that made The Hulk stories so compelling. Oh, right, this is about Logan. The Wolverine. But, no. This comic is more about finding the reason for some excessive bloody fiesta. And what a lame reason it is. In a (Marvel) universe not so far in the future, super villains reign, and the super hero world turn into some kind of old depressing wild west world –with a penchant for cannibalism now and then. Hulk becomes a family of deranged Hulks. And they eat the pacifist old-Logan’s family. And so, the claws once again turn red. Heads rolled, guts spilled. And then, the original mad Hulk eats Wolverine. But he forgot the healing factor. Yeah, right. The drawings are so-so, the prank is unfunny. (HD)


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February 4, 2010 at 4:43 am

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