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Dead Pool Max no. 1, by David Lapham and Kyle Baker

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Well, I tell you this: don’t give crazy character to crazy writer AND crazy artist. Or you’ll get a serious f**k-you-story like this one.

David Lapham has an uncanny ability to crawl under the membrane of madness in the minds of serial killers and psychos and makes them lovable altogether. He is also very good in, pardon the high word, narratology. His indy series, Stray Bullets, read as a whole, is a somewhat hardboiled version of exercise in narratives.

In this (blood-fest is an understatement) first episode of newest Max’s Dead Pool, the already sick-maniac antihero of the mainstream Marvel get even crazier.

And the narrative-strategy by Lapham is very effective. Readers who are familiar with Dead Pool’s antics are expecting the usual sick-but-funny inner dialog of personalities inside his head. Lapham chose different path.

He told the story of Dead Pool through the eyes of “Bob”, who is some kind of a secret agent, sentenced to be Dead Pool’s “handler”. We couldn’t “hear” any voices from inside Dead Pool’s head, but instead we are invited to experience the consequences of his craziness.

So we have “Bob” experiencing sadistic homosexuality from “Bruno”, a larger-than-life Mob’s big boss coming straight from Dick Tracy’s gallery of rogues, key in human excrement, heads rolling, mutilation, and more.

Oh, did I mention that this comic is drawn by that crazy Kyle Baker?


Written by hikmatdarmawan

November 5, 2010 at 2:53 pm

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