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Superior Issue 1, Mark Millar & F. Leinil Yu

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Okay. I just realized one more thing about what makes Mark Millar such a “hot writer” beside his, you know, tenacity to prank: he always chooses the best artists around!

Yeah, he’s a rather good writer. But Peter Milligan is a better writer, why won’t they give Milligan a “Milligan-world” publication line?

But Millar, to his credit, is a very savvy-guy in term of playing the mainstream American comics card. He is milking the “cool” and the “spectacular” in superhero genre, and he smartly chooses artists who are suitable for his needs. The great Alan Moore and Warren Ellis wouldn’t mind their stories done by artists with -to say it mildly- limited skills.

The Ultimates. Wanted. Kick Ass. Nemesis. All with the line of the top notch superhero-artists. And now this. Superior, with Leinil Yu.

It’s yet another version of Superman-archetype story cooked up with promise of that magical ’80s Superman a la Millar (with the word “fuck” and all). I don’t think it will have the same magic as Grant Morrison’s Superman All Stars. And Leinil Yu is a little bit lazy in this no. 1 episode. But, hey, if you need a dose of fun-cathartic-superhero-comics or just a time to kill, do read on.


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November 5, 2010 at 12:29 pm

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